Quality and Standards

Not all websites are created equal.

Although you wouldn't guess by looking at some of the websites out there, there are standards for the coding and presentation of websites. These are put forward by the World Wide Web Consortium [W3C] and all our sites are coded with these standards in mind.

Why? Well, correctly coded sites download faster, they are more visible to search engines [you want to be found, don't you?] and are easier to support and update.

You can check that this page's code is valid using the W3C Validator service.

There are also standards for the accessibility of websites, or how easy to use they are - especially for people using mobile devices, or people with visual or physical handicaps.

Recent legislation (see the Equality Act) requires businesses to rethink the accessibility of their premises and services - and this extends to the internet too.

We can also work to specific guidelines, such as Becta's, which gives standards for school and educational websites.

There are perhaps more obvious qualities to our websites. We carefully check spelling, grammar and clarity of your web pages. The internet is a great communications medium ... why ruin that with a failure to communicate clearly?

At Everlands, we never forget quality. We have delivered work to the strict standards of the Cabinet Office e-Government Unit, and we will do the same for you, no matter how small the job.